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Grand challenges of our times call for urgent responses

We are living in an era of ‘grand challenges’, like never before: climate change,  geopolitical crisis, and global supply chain disruption, resources shortage and energy crisis, pandemic, exponential technologies, etc. The urgency of this situation is also due to the fact these challenges are simultaneous in their manifestation, thus depicting a highly uncertain and complex scenario.

A suggestive and technological illustration of a tree

The Institute

ITIR is a newly established (October 2022) multidisciplinary research center – at the University of Pavia (IT). The purpose is to have a remarkable impact for the innovation eco-system and society via the investigation of the contemporary forms of transformation within organisations and eco-systems (e.g. local systems, healthcare systems), as a response to the “grand challenges” of our times. Special attention goes to science-based innovation and how it supports the ‘triple transformation’, meaning:




(both social and ecological)

T-Labs Pattern

The T-labs

Structures that help to understand and define the nature and role of transformative innovation in very different fields

Latest news

News from the center and individual T-Labs, but also the achievements of people engaged in our reality and other insights on transformative innovation.