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Transformative Innovation

What We Do

The “Mindhub” model represents the University of Pavia’s Institute for Transformative Innovation Research (ITIR) platform for academia-business collaboration. This innovative approach revises and reimagines the traditional “observatory” format.

At the core of ITIR’s Mindhub is the concept of “Transformative Innovation,” which denotes a significant, epoch-making process of change. This process uniquely merges three pivotal trends of our era:

  1. revolutionizing business models
  2. driving digital transformation
  3. reshaping corporate purpose to emphasize the harmonious blend of prosperity, environmental sustainability, and social sustainability.

Our Objectives

Our focus is to understand and articulate the nuances of contemporary change, bridging business transformation, digital evolution, and ecological & societal transitions.

We aim to:

  • Develop and share know-how on “transformative innovation”
  • High-value-added networking (few but good)
  • Technology transfer/open innovation/tech scouting
  • Visibility/becoming a point of reference on these topics

Key Topics

Digital Reinvention & Data Monetization

Harnessing exponential technologies to create new value propositions and tangible outputs from data.

Transformative Skills & Transformation Execution

Identifying skills that drive profound, enduring changes and exploring best practices in change management.

Innovation & Transformation KPIs

Measuring and refining the impact of change.

Agile Methodologies

Evaluating their real-world implementation and integration with other models.


Merging disruptive innovation with environmental and social sustainability.

Digital Sustainability

Combining digitalization with environmental and social sustainability.


  • Chair: Stefano Denicolai
  • Research Team: Marica Grego, Costanza Baldrighi, Marcin Bartosiak, Luca Cavone, Ludovica Lo Cascio, Jovana Đurđević
  • Communication Team: Alberto Giacobone, Alice Fava, Sonia Padovan, Ludovica Lo Cascio


Main Partners


In addition to main partners, the working group includes large and influential companies that are facing significant transformation processes, such as:

This is complemented by a group of excellences from the Pavia ecosystem, such as:

Authoritative partners also include:


  • Stefano Denicolai (coordinator):
  • Research Team and Organizational Secretariat:
  • Website:

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