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10th ENTERYNG Workshop: Fostering the Next Generation of Entrepreneurship Research

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The 10th edition of the ENTERYNG Workshop (Entrepreneurship Research Workshop for Young Scholars) recently concluded in the historic city of Pavia, Italy, held on May 30th and 31st. Organized by Professors Giovanna Magnani and Professor Antonella Zucchella of the University of Pavia (respectively, chair and researcher at the T-Lab Revalue Chains), the workshop brought together a vibrant community of early-career researchers with established scholars. Co-funded by the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB), the event provided a valuable platform for PhD students and young researchers to share their work and gain valuable feedback.

This year’s workshop attracted 21 submissions from talented researchers across 20 different universities, showcasing the diversity and dynamism of entrepreneurship research. Beyond facilitating insightful discussions, ENTERYNG fosters an international network of scholars interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, family businesses, and international ventures. This fosters valuable connections between emerging and established researchers.

Participants received not only specific feedback on their working papers but also benefited from inspiring keynote lectures by internationally renowned scholars. Professors Arabella Mocciaro Li Destri (Italy), Diego Matricano (Italy), Mats Alvesson (Sweden), and Dinorá Eliete Floriani (Brazil) offered thought-provoking perspectives on research development and impactful scholarship within the field of entrepreneurship.

The 10th edition featured a dedicated session showcasing working papers developed under the “Growing Resilient Italian SMEs” (GRIS) project. This joint research initiative, funded by the Italian Ministry of Education and the European Union’s Next Generation EU program, involves researchers from the University of Pavia, the University of Palermo, and the University of Turin.

The ENTERYNG Workshop serves as a valuable platform for nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurship researchers. By fostering collaboration, providing constructive feedback, and offering insights from leading scholars, the workshop equips participants with the tools and inspiration to advance impactful research in this dynamic field.