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‘Agile Talks’: the journey continues, join us along the way! 

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We are pleased to announce that the project “Going beyond the buzzword: Understanding contexts and content of agile transformation” is progressing at full speed.

After conducting stimulating “Agile Talks” with scaleups and experts our research is gradually taking shape.

Our meetings with scaleups and experts in a first step have provided valuable insights into the contexts and content of agile transformation. However, in order to obtain a comprehensive overview and gain in-depth empirical insights, our first round with large companies including Cimbali, Cogne Acciai Speciali, Kone, Volvo, and Volkswagen was essential.

A big thank you to all the participants. We are convinced that your participation has been beneficial not only for our research project but also for allowing you to compare and learn from other realities in addressing these issues.

Like a compass in an ocean of information and uncertainty, our research aims to guide organizations on a journey toward agility. Our “Agile Talks” have allowed us to map the challenges and opportunities that arise during agile transformation. Each group has brought its own experiences, offering valuable insights to understand the similarities and differences across different contexts.

We are still moving forward and it is surprising to see that despite the different contexts in which our groups operate, we can already anticipate that some of the challenges faced during the transformation process are similar across them.

However, with the methodology we adopted, we will have the opportunity to determine whether different realities assign equal or divergent importance and priority to the same problem – and its solution.

Our research goes beyond the mere exploration of buzzwords. We want to delve deeper and grasp the true meaning of organizational agility, illuminating the path for those who wish to adopt more flexible and efficient approaches in their way of working.

But it is not over yet! Already on the way is an ‘Agile Talk’ with public organizations. If you are part of it and you are undertaking or completing a transformation journey, join us for the conversation.

Stay tuned for further updates on our research and the progress we make in better understanding the contexts and content of agile transformation.

For more information, our intermediate report or to participate in future initiatives by our research center, please send an email to: or