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Going beyond the buzzword: Understanding contexts and content of agile transformation


Agile Lab

In this project, we set out to better understand agile transformation, its context and its content.

We aim at having conversations with three different groups of ‘experts’, Italian and international, including those concerned with staying agile in quickly growing ventures, those involved with transformation efforts in bigger companies, and those who support and assist transformation journeys.

Jointly with a Canadian colleague Martin Cloutier professor at the School of Management Sciences – University of Quebec at Montreal we propose a scientific and rigorous, yet interactive and dynamic approach. Group discussions in which participants voice opinions, share ideas and engage in constructive discussions, followed by debriefing sessions and ‘sensemaking’ regarding commonalities and
differences will be organized.

Such a transversal approach fosters sharing and learning from each other and from the diverse yet still similar set of challenges and opportunities the participants are confronted with.