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The many roles of agility in making a business thrive
The lab aims to become a reference point, in close connection with practice, for research and education that informs on how organizations (of all types) design, transform, and execute for agility.

Today’s political, economic, social, and technological landscape is ever more characterized by change – be it disruptive or evolutionary, be it at the macro or meso level – making agile behavior for value creation paramount.

‘Agility’, in very simple words, stands for being able to act nimbly and with speed when overall conditions command to do so. It comes with many facets, encompassing, for example, agile governance, structure and strategy, functional agility (e.g. supply chain or product/service development), individual, team or leadership agility, as well as agile process design.

The lab will further the understanding of the context which triggers, drives (and impedes) change (e.g. Covid 19; institutional voids; technology; industry trends) to better define the ensuing organizations’ strategies, structures, processes and outcomes involved with thinking and acting ‘agile’.

This includes also interlinkages between the organizations and their ‘actionable’ external surroundings (e.g. healthcare ecosystems; industry and districts; partners and customers) that may assist in making ‘the system’ agile.

Topics Section


  • Sensing and understanding sources and drivers of change.
  • (Best) Agility configurations.
  • ‘Blueprints’ for successful transformation towards agility.
  • Interconnections between sustainable, digital, and agile transformation.
  • Drivers/enablers of agility:
    • Digitalization: e.g. 3D printing/no code-low code to provide quick and cheap development and testing; digital communication/devices to follow/monitor patients in real time;
    • Ecosystem/industry enablers (and barriers): e.g. private/public cooperation,regulations in the field of medicine
    • Organizational culture and values, e.g. innovation orientation, customer centricity.
  • Measures/outcomes of agility
  • Chief Innovation Officer Study
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