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Augmented Human Intelligence & Digital Ergonomics Lab

Sustainable decision making through digital transformation

The lab investigates how digital and persuasive technologies may “augment” human intelligence towards effective and sustainable decision-making processes, within organizations and for a greater social impact

The last decades have been characterized by the fast development and dispersion of digital technology.

This continued trend has a significant impact on decision-makers and, therefore, on organizations’ strategies.

Digitalization has an impact on different levels, affecting structures and the strategies of the organization, their ability to respond to external stimuli, their interactions with the stakeholders, and the definition of the value proposition.

The digitalization of business activities is also enabling organizations to implement autonomous agents to improve decisional effectiveness and efficiency.

Artificial intelligence and Augmented Human Intelligence development paths show innovative ways to improve decision-making tools and build digital ergonomics – the design of digital objects to reduce human error, increase productivity, and enhance system availability in the context of interactions between humans and digital objects – in both public and private organizations.

Thus, the main objective of the Lab is to investigate the impact of AI and digital technologies on this field, in particular concerning transformation to a more sustainable and efficient decision-making process.

Topics Section


  • Applications of AI and Augmented Human Intelligence in sustainable decision-making;
  • Human-computer interactions and digital ergonomics in the context of decision-making;
  • New digital and AI-based tools and their impact on firms’ strategies;
  • Transformation of decision-support systems in sustainable organizations;
  • Digital nudging;
  • Digital Sustainability.
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