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Energy Transition Lab

The crossroad between renewable energies and new business models
The lab investigates how to transform organizations and urban clusters by leveraging new energy paradigms, combining advanced technologies, data-driven solutions, business and sociatal implications.

The energy sector is undergoing profound changes due to various factors, thus posing new challenges to companies and their top managers.

These certainly include environmental and geopolitical needs, with implications that dramatically affect the way by which strategies business model of the firms are developed.

These changes must be supported by a profound renewal of technologies, as well as a significant revision of the regulatory framework.

In this context, the Energy Transition Lab wants to act as a reference point to understand the role that technological evolution can provide in this innovation process, from a multidisciplinary perspective.

The ability of the energy system to innovate and open up to renewable energy sources and their greater penetration requires the adoption of both new technologies (for example, electrochemical storage systems necessary for the management of non-programmable renewable energy sources, communication systems, block chain technologies), and new approaches and business models for long-term planning, operational planning and real-time operations.

These innovative processes are the basis for the definition and implementation of smart grids for energy distribution (smart grids) and for the creation of sustainable energy communities from environmental, economic and managerial standpoints.

Technological innovation in this context is also expressed through the definition of new management algorithms that make use of typical solutions adopted in the context of artificial intelligence and big data analysis.

Topics Section


  • Transition towards new energy paradigms, from both technological and strategic views;
  • Strategic management and technological development of “Smart grid” andLocal Energy communities;
  • Energy aggregators and Demand response;
  • Energy Distribution and Energy Transmission networks:
    • implications for R&D activities,
    • technology diffusion,
    • new business models,
    • business opportunities;
  • Energy Storage Systems: technological opportunities and strategic implication.
  • Communication system and strategy for energy transition.


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