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Healthcare Transformation Lab

A futuristic look into the healthcare ecosystem
The lab explores the interplay among healthcare management, digital transformation and clinical practice to reimagine how to converge innovation, sustainable business and societal impact in life sciences

The Lab aims at understanding and fostering the new trends, innovation paradigms, and dynamics of modern healthcare systems, to support healthcare organizations in their transformation processes to cope with the “grand challenges” especially in the post-pandemic “new normal.”

The Lab focuses on new business and organizational models of care from a patient-centric perspective.

One key topic of the Lab concerns the interplay between healthcare management, digital transformation and clinical practice.

Digital technologies like 3D printing, robotics, and artificial intelligence are disrupting the way clinicians work and the relationship with patients.

Understanding and assessing the medical, managerial, economic, social and ethical issues related to the use of health technologies and their acceptance among the key users and stakeholders stand as essential themes in such an evolving scenario.

Moreover, the Lab aims at understanding those phenomenons, that may also leverage on digital technologies, characterizing the new paradigms of care from a multi-stakeholders perspective (e.g. patients, NGOs and no-profit associations, universities, research centers, startups, life sciences companies, etc.), including co-design and co-production of medical care, sustainability and corporate social responsibility dynamics of healthcare organizations, equity in the access to care, and gender balance, among others.

Topics Section


  • Organizational implications of digital transformation, with special emphasis on: E-Health and telemedicine solutions, Virtual care paradigms, Advanced Robotics, Regenerative medicine, Real World Evidence, Industry 4.0 technologies applied to healthcare;
  • Strategic management of 3D printing for medical applications;
  • Smart applications for aging economy;
  • Health Technology Assessment and Acceptance dynamics;
  • Disease units and multidisciplinary paradigms in healthcare;
  • Co-design and co-production dynamics, also via stakeholders engagement and knowledge translation dynamics;
  • Sustainability transition in healthcare processes;
  • Gender balance and equity in the access to care and healthcare future jobs.


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