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ReValue Chains Lab

The orchestration of global value chains and innovation eco-systems
The lab aims at understanding how organizations create, deliver and capture value from orchestrating their international value chains and how they can develop firm- and chain-level resilience.

The aim is to develop a multidisciplinary understanding of new dynamics and configurations of global value chains (GVCs), in the face of disruptive events (such as the COVID19 pandemic, raw materials shortages, inflation, protectionism, sanctions, conflicts, etc.).

This involves exploring how GVCs can transition towards more resilient configurations, analyzing the role of the key actors within supply chains (both big lead firms and smaller ventures), their strategies, role, and potential business model transformations, especially those based on cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, collaborative robotics.

The Lab aims to explore and examine the role of technology as a tool to support and enhance the work of human beings in the organizations that take part to evolving GVCs, and towards more sustainable ecosystems.

The latter view aims for “upgrading” the perspective of “Industry 4.0”, digitization, automation and efficiency: techs cannot “re-place” people but they must support “placing” people, their rights and the well-being at the center of research and debate.

This issue emerges particularly relevant especially in the light of recent debates relating to environmental, social and digital sustainability.

Topics Section


  • GVCs reconfiguration: shorter or more redundant?
    • Reshoring and friendshoring phenomena: their impact on economic, social, and environmental sustainability;
    • The role of technology in GVCs reconfiguration and their impact on economic, social, and environmental sustainability; special focus is on additive manufacturing solutions;
  • Developing resilient GVCs: actors, strategies, business model transformations;
  • The role of smaller ventures within GVCs dynamics;
  • GVCs and digital sustainability.


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