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Sustainable Life Science Lab

Define a new purpose for sustainable biotech research

This Lab redesigns the bio-med-greentech research process around environmental sustainability and animal-free research. The approach is multidisciplinary, also considering digital revolution and business implications.

The main responsibility of bio-medical research is to improve people’s health. While continuing to ensure the highest standards with regard to data reproducibility, laboratories need to adopt a socially and environmentally responsible framework in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

The Sustainable Life Science Lab works toward these goals by producing innovative solutions for environmentally sustainable and animal-free research, towards a remarkable societal impact.

This Lab addresses this transformation by exploring new paradigms for breakthrough processes of biotech and drug discovery, through a multidisciplinary perspective, also including management sciences and digital transformation research. If on one hand transformative research must quickly adjust its focus to current needs, on the other hand adequate funding strategies must be developed also.

The lab will help to accelerate innovation in the Life Sciences domain by:

  • fostering partnerships between promising early-stage science in different areas of research (biotech, computer sciences, management studies, etc.);
  • identify the best business models and funding strategy to develop promising research into transformative breakthroughs;
  • promoting more fluid relationships between scholars in the life science and the venture capital / innovation ecosystem.
Topics Section


  • Sustainable solutions within life sciences laboratories;
  • Biotechnological recycling of liquid organic waste and agricultural residue using proprietary platforms to produce sustainable biomass for biofuels, fertilizers, green cosmetics and other bioproducts;
  • Discovery and production of synthetic high-affinity antibodies using open-source libraries and recombinant DNA technologies.
  • Faster and cheaper than using animal immunization, the platform will provide animal-free antibodies for research, clinical diagnosis and medical therapies;
  • 3D-bioprinting and novel bioinks to produce living tissues with three-dimensional structures for organ engineering and regenerative medicine;
  • Fostering entrepreneurship in the sustainable life science sector.
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