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Tag: Agile Lab

  • Research Moving Forward: Time to Discuss the Results!

    Concluding March with thrilling news about our ‘Going beyond the buzzword: Understanding contexts and content of agile transformation’ project. We recently hosted an online event showcasing initial research outcomes, complemented by insights from both Italian and international experts on agile transformation. Read the detailed overview of the project phases and the valuable perspectives shared by our discussants.

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  • Pictured: a desk with a desktop computer, on the screen the agile talks poster

    ‘Agile Talks’: the journey continues, join us along the way! 

    Like a compass in an ocean of information and uncertainty, our research aims to guide organizations on a journey toward agility. Our “Agile Talks” have allowed us to map the challenges and opportunities that arise during agile transformation. Each group has brought its own experiences, offering valuable insights to understand the similarities and differences across different contexts.

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  • Immagine generata con AI: una sede aziendale, come se fosse una barca, naviga in un mare turbolento e pericoloso durante una tempesta

    La trasformazione agile: un viaggio epico verso l’innovazione

    L’imprenditoria richiede adattamento al cambiamento per rimanere competitiva: ecco perché la trasformazione aziendale è un percorso impegnativo per adeguarsi alle esigenze del mercato.

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